Vida Latina Agave Beer

"A great Beer: 100% Agave, 100% taste"

The Unique Agave Beer in the world

Vida Latina is gluten free and is a beer made 100 % from sugars from blue agave. It has a very low level of calories per bottle and 4,5 % alc. Vol.

Type, Color, Aroma and Taste

Vida Latina, beer type Ale with amber colour with shades of orange and gold. It has fruity aromas, as well as many natural and dry ones, with shades of honey and with an intense flavour of the sweetness of agave. The beer is amber in its colour with herbal characteristics and a fruited essence from the agave plant.

Properties of the product

Very low in calories As it does not contain maltose (seeing as it is not made of malt), it does not generate that bloated feeling, which one gets when drinking standard beers. Gluten free, which cannot be consumed by an increasingly growing number of the population, who are gluten-intolerant. In addition our new beer does not contain components that lead to the production of uric acid in the body.

Serve and Combine

Vida Latina tastes awesome, we suggest to drink it really cold and it can be combined with all food you can imagine, mixing the flavours on the right way.


Vida Latina is a beer made exclusively from sugars from blue agave and hops and provides an extraordinary taste. Its production process is unique through its slow fermentation in small batches to achieve its desired result.


Category: Beer from Agave

Type: Light Beer Type Ale

Origin: Agave Azul from Mexico

Calories: Very low level per bottle

Gluten: Gluten free

Alc. Vol.: 4,5 % Alc.Vol

Volume / Case size: 355 m.l. / 24 bottles

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