Beso Concentrado de Agave

”Agave syrup that gives you the perfect balance and sweetness in elaborate cocktail mixology”

Low Glycemic Index, highest on Fructose

Our Agave Syrup has a GI (glycemic index) of 22, regular sugar as high as 100. It has the highest fructose content of all products on the market, more than 83%! Certified as an Organic Agricultural Product in the EU! Mexico Agricultural AB-BIO-620

Colour, Aroma and Taste

As maple syrup, somewhat thick but fluid compared to other agave syrups on the market. Light amber with noticeable elements of caramel. Soft and pleasant mouth feels, with elements of French nougat and nuts. Delightful long sweet finish. This agave sugar gives such impact in cocktails compared to simple syrup (containing sucrose) that you will need to use less. Rounds off and softens cocktails, and is perfect when mixing aged spirits cocktails such as Old Fashioned and Tommy’s Margarita.

Serve and Combine

Our agave syrup is especially developed to be instantly used in bars. It is more fluid compared to the products you will find in the health food stores. It also contains a higher amount of fructose, meaning that it has a lower glycemic index. It is also perfect for cooking and baking.


We only use Agave Tequilana Weber Blue harvested in Jalisco for making “& Jones Concentrado de Agave” (often referred to as agave syrup, agave nectar and miel de agave).
The agave stems are crushed and agave juice is made. The juice is filtered, then heated to hydrolyze polysaccharides into simple sugars. The main polysaccharide is called inulin or fructosan and comprises mostly fructose units. The filtered, hydrolyzed juice is concentrated to a syrupy liquid that is perfect for mixing cocktails. Our producer owns a patented process, giving higher fructose content and thus a lower GI.


Category: Concentrado de Agave/Agave Syrup (Agave Nectar, Miel de Agave)

Type: Light Amber Premium

Origin: Agave Tequilana Weber Blue from Jalisco, Mexico

Cooking: Hydrolyzes

Fructose: About 83%

Glycemic index (GI): 22

Volume: 750 ml/1000 grams

Case size: 6 bottles

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